When I tell people that my father makes ramen noodles, I often find myself trying to explain the differences between packaged ramen from the grocery store and his homemade ramen. When people hear the term "ramen noodles", the first things that often come to mind are dried noodles and flavor packets. And while those can certainly come in handy at times, nothing compares to the real thing.
My father has been working on his noodle and soup recipes for the better part of five years, and all of his hard work has paid off. I've been lucky enough to be a taste tester of sorts for a while now. I've had countless bowls of ramen noodles, and apart from a few odd experiments (i.e. ginger flavored noodles, peanut butter flavor noodles etc.), each bowl I eat is better than the last. I can honestly say that, even after eating ramen almost daily for a year, I still look forward to each new bowl -- it's just that good.

So after many failed attempts at trying to explain what makes Ramen Suzukiya's ramen noodles so special, I've come to the realization that I am horrible at describing flavors. My taste buds work on scale of "AMAZING!!!" to "Never Again...". So the best I can do is tell you that my father's ramen noodles are amazing.

If you want a better description, you're going to have to stop by and try a bowl yourself! 

- Cory Suzuki